If you are in search of leasable office spaces, plots or lands for sale, warehouse or commercial spaces in Katowice, or in some other city located within the Silesian Conurbation, you have happened to be in the right place. Our Company is an owner of a wide variety of attractive properties located in this Region. We offer them for lease or sale. We constantly strive to strengthen and develop a comprehensive portfolio of properties in Katowice, and in the cities like Gliwice, or Bytom, to name but a few. We conduct and manage numerous development projects, including revitalization and property commercialization undertakings. We put in a great deal of effort to ensure that our warehouses, offices, apartments and other premises for sale or lease meet the highest standards.

Our formula for success involves an active participation in the real estate market and a continuing development of competences. Our staff consists of a team of highly competent and experienced professionals, offering their professional consultancy and specialist support services on a daily basis. Among them, you can find real estate specialists, architects or engineers.

So, if you are looking for new office, warehouse or apartment spaces, or any other types properties of in Silesia – please feel free to review our portfolio – we will definitely not fail to meet your expectations.