About Company

Opal Maksimum conducts its business activities mainly in the Silesian Conurbation. Due to our active and considerable involvement in the real estate market of commercial, individual and hotel properties, Opal Maksimum has become an owner of numerous properties and an expert in the fields of property commercialization, management of development projects, including – in particular – facility revitalization. All these activities have allowed us to gain and develop expertise in the real estate business and ultimately led us to success. Our core business activities embrace investment and development projects, revitalization of monuments and post-industrial facilities, as well as commercialization of properties. In addition, we provide professional consultancy services with regard to capital investment and mobile telephony.

Silesia is the region undergoing substantial and sustainable transformation processes, the steady growth of which can easily be observed. Our wide experience in managing revitalization processes allows us to bring dilapidated buildings back to their former greatness. Revitalization does not merely enhance the image and aesthetic appeal of the region; revitalization contributes also to its development and helps inhabitants improve their living standards. Through our undertakings we would love to increase the attractiveness of Silesia and make it the place worthy of living, visiting or running a business. In our projects we combine tradition and modernity. Our complex offer includes office, warehouse and commercial spaces, logistics centres, hotels, tenements, investment and building sites.

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