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Katowice, Marcina 13


Type of Property:
3,590 m2
Land Use:
offices, retail, services

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Situated on the premises of New Baildon, the 7-storey office building constitutes the part of the Office and Conference Centre RAWA OFFICE. The original style of the building shall be emphasized by its simple form kept in the homogeneous colour scheme. In compliance with the project design, the ground floor will feature French (porte-fenêtre) windows. Office units shall provide a total space of 3,590 sqm.

The office facility shall also provide the reception zone with a video surveillance system, conference rooms and welfare facilities. It will be adapted to the needs of disabled people.

The ideal location of this investment project is ensured by:
- availability of expressways (Silesian Intercity Road – DTŚ, A4 motorway) linking Katowice with cities and towns of the Silesian Conurbation;
- availability of public transport stops;
- convenient access to the railway station.

The facility is situated in the immediate vicinity of Silesia City Center.

Informacje o obiekcie:

Usable Floor Space:
3,590 sqm


- Silesia City Center: 0.8 km
- A4 motorway: 2 km
- Silesian Intercity Road (DTŚ): 0.5 km
- Katowice International Airport: 25 km
- Cracow International Airport: 60 km