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Katowice, Stary Dworzec (2-10 Dworcowa St)


Type of Property:
12 115 m2
Land Use:
central, multifunctional service facility; services, offices, retail, gastronomy, entertainment

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500 788 500


Total surface area of buildings: 12 115 sqm
- building A 2 Dworcowa St: 1 963 sqm;
- building B 4 Dworcowa St: 2 147 sqm;
- building C 6 Dworcowa St: 1 769 sqm;
- building C 8 Dworcowa St: 5 156 sqm;
- building D 10 Dworcowa St / 20 Św. Jana St: 1 080 sqm.

The property is builtup: there are the buildings of Old Railway Station situated onsite, located in the heart of Katowice, in Dworcowa Street and Św. Jana Street – which are main retail and commercial arteries of the city. In the immediate vicinity: residential and commercial tenements, Hotel Monopol, Hotel Diament, Mariacka Street, Galeria Katowicka, and Main Railway Station (PKP Station).

The property features a regular shape resembling a rectangle. In front of the property there shall be a pedestrian zone – Station Square, linking Main Square with a pedestrian route along Mariacka Street, with underground car parks.


Informacje o obiekcie:

Ground Area:
0.5 ha
Built-Up Area: 12 115 sqm


- Silesian Intercity Road (DTŚ): 7 km
- A4 motorway: 3 km
- Katowice International Airport: 30 km