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Katowice, Opolska 27


Type of Property:
Investment areas
up to: 3,137.00 m2
Land Use:
hotel, investments, retail, office, services

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There has been issued a decision on land development conditions that allows for the construction of a multi-functional residential and service building consisting of 32 over-ground storeys. Currently, the facility is undeveloped; all utilities are within the plot. Entrance to and exit from the property is realized in a collision-free fashion from Opolska Street. The whole facility is located in the close vicinity of the Silesian Intercity Road (DTŚ) as well as railway and bus stations.

Informacje o obiekcie:

Total Ground Area: 3,137 sqm
Total Projected Area of ​​the object: 56,380 sqm
Office & Service Area: approx. 19,000 sqm
Residential Area: approx. 25,000 sqm
Parking Area: approx. 12,000 sqm


- A4 motorway: 2 km
- Katowice International Airport: 25 km
- Cracow International Airport: 60 km